What is NFC on your Cell Phone?

NFC Sharing of pictures
Example of using NFC to share pictures

What is NFC? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a method of wireless data transfer that detects and then enables technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for an internet connection.

This technology is use for Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. But NFC functionality on phones isn’t limited to payments. There’s also Android Beam, which was implemented way back in 2011 in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 as a nifty, simple process that allows for the transfer of photos, contacts and directions by holding two phones together.



Using Android Devices

Android is a mobile operating system that is used in many smartphones and tablets. Learn the basics of using your Android device, including setting up your email, downloading apps, working with apps, taking photos, accessing device settings and managing security and privacy.

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Windows 10 version 1709

There is an updated version of Windows 10 Creator called version 1709. Even if you updated to Windows 10 Creator this summer there is a new Fall update. It takes about an hour to update your computer but you can tell it when to update.

Click on the link below to get the latest information about Windows 10 version 1709.

Windows 10 version 1709.


Using Night Light in Windows 10

With the new Windows 10 Creator Update, you can take advantage of Night Light when you are working on your computer before bedtime. Screens emit blue light which can keep you up at night. Night light displays warmer colors to help you sleep. I like the setting sunset to sunrise, the computer will automatically change to a warmer color when the sun sets and change back when the sun rises. Location services will need to be turned on so the computer knows your location to determine when the sun rises and sets.

Setting, Display, Night light, turn on

Night light settings, Schedule night light, On, Sunset to sunrise

The new iOS11 for your iPad and iPhone

The new ios 11 is available for your iPad and iPhone. It is a big change. Go ahead and download the new version and get use to the new features you will eventually love.

Go to Settings, General, Software Update and start the download. It is best to be connected to wifi and have your iPad or iPhone charging. It will take a while to download and install. You will need to remember your Apple ID and password to log in.

Here is a visual article from Apple to prepare you for all the new changes.

iOS 11, a giant step for iPhone, monumental leap for iPad.

What is Windows 10 Creator Update?

Have you seen this sentence when you go to Windows 10 updates?

Good news! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on its way. Want to be one of the first to get it?

What is Windows 10 Creator Update anyway? New innovations in the Windows 10 Creators Update include 3D in Windows 10, built-in game broadcasting, new tab management features and more in Microsoft Edge, and enhanced security features such as a new Microsoft privacy dashboard. Microsoft will start downloading the update this fall automatically but you don’t have to wait.

Take advantage of the new features now.

Click on this link to find all the latest information.


How to use Snap Assist in Windows 10

Snapping in Windows 10 is a great way to use your screen real estate more efficiently. To snap a window, all you need to do is drag the title bar to the edge of the screen. Snap has been available in previous versions of Windows, but some improvements have been added.

  • Drag the title bar to the top edge of the screen to maximize a window.
  • Drag the title bar to the left or right edge of the screen to snap the application to the right or left.
  • You can also snap apps to any of the four corners by dragging the title bar to those corners.

If you have any other open windows after snapping one window, you will see Snap Assist. This new feature on Windows 10 displays the other apps as thumbnails in the available space. Tap or click one of the thumbnails to snap it in that space.

How to Make Google your Home Page and Default Search Engine in Edge

Edge is the new browser in Windows 10. Edge uses MSN.com as the home page and Bing as it’s search engine. Maybe this is not your cup of tea. Personally, I prefer Google as my homepage and Google as my search engine. Here are the steps to change all the defaults and make Edge a useful browser for you.

  1. Click the Settings button, then click Setting.
  2. Turn on Show the Favorites Bar
  3. Import favorites from another browser
  4. Open with A specific page or pages
  5. Choose Custom
  6. Type google.com
  7. Save or Add
  8. Scroll down and click on View Advance Settings
  9. Turn on Show the home button
  10. Type google.com
  11. Save
  12. Click the home button which should take you to Google
  13. Click on Settings, Scroll to Advance button, Scroll down to Search in the address bar with, the click
  14. Add New, Choose google.com, Set as default, Save

Cleaning you Laptop

laptop-cleaningCleaning your laptop helps prevent overheating and those nasty dust bunnies from building up inside your laptop fans and exposed ports. Cleaning the screen also means you’ll always view your data clearly and it’s much easier on the eyes. Keeping your case free of dust and dirt buildup will help your laptop by preventing that dirt from getting inside the laptop.

Here are some instructions to help you get started.



Apple iOS 10 Is Available for Download

iOS 10 release date news beta and rumorsApples new operating system iOS 10 is available for download now as of September 13, 2016. However not all Apple devices can use the new operating system.

iOS 10 compatibility

  • Works with iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch 6th gen or higher
  • All 30-pin dock devices are out. Lightning or nothing!

iOS 10 is available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless of course you have an age-old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector or an older iPad mini or iPod touch.

Check out the link below to discover more about the free update from TechRadar.com

iOS 10 Release information